Storm Impacts Summaries

This chapter is a detailed climatology of tropical cyclone impacts in Canada and its waters during the period 1900-2004 (1900 was included because of the significance to Canada of the Great Galveston Hurricane). Data sources include major Canadian newspapers, the Canadian Disaster Database, and the Canadian Hurricane Centre archives. Each year is highlighted with a map showing the tracks of all tropical cyclones impacting Canada or her waters, storm and impact summary information, and detailed impact reports. Where possible, fatality and damage statistics are provided. It must be recognized that these statistics should not be viewed as complete because of the time constraints to conduct such research. However, it is believed that the majority of significant impacts, including fatalities and damages, have been captured.

Of the hundreds of storms for which information has been compiled, two storms rise above the rest in terms of recorded information: Hurricane Hazel (1954) and Hurricane Juan (2003). Hazel was the most devastating Canadian hurricane with respect to inland fatalities, and Juan is the most recent reminder of what happens when a hurricane hits a populated area. Accordingly, both Hazel and Juan have been treated more comprehensively.

Future work includes:

  • the ongoing revision of the data presented in the report
  • completion of extratropical track extensions of tropical cyclones (underway)