Canadian Hurricane Centre

Canadian Hurricane Centre forecaster Jeremy March analyzing a weather map. Photo: Environment Canada © 2009

The Canadian Hurricane Centre (CHC) provides Canadians with meteorological information on hurricanes, tropical storms and post-tropical storms to help them make informed decisions to protect their safety and secure their property.

When a storm is approaching Canada, Environment Canada will issue an Information Statement, a Watch or a Warning bulletins. Links to this information (along with real-time satellite and radar pictures) can be found in the Forecasts and Products section. You can also click on the links below to find detailed information on the science of tropical cyclones, to read about current and past hurricane seasons or to find out how you can prepare for the effects of a tropical cyclone.

When it comes to hurricanes or any type of severe weather, remember: "Don’t be scared. Just be prepared."

Satellite image of Hurricane Alex. Photo: NOAA

Current Storms

Here is where you can find all of the Canadian Hurricane Centre products and services and other Environment Canada weather watches and warnings.

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How to Prepare

Here you will find everything you need to know about the dangers of severe weather and how you can prepare for it.

Jubilee Road in Halifax was closed for several days after Hurricane Juan in September 2003. Photo: Pete Young

Look at the Past

Here you can find summaries of storms, summaries of past hurricane seasons and climatology reports.